Aerial survey project carried out by A to Z Drones Services are delivered by our ready to deploy drones that come equipped with a high-resolution aerial photography camera and the ability to fly autonomously.


'UAVs' ((Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Drones) are the most effective and efficient platform for undertaking a wide range of aerial surveys and mapping tasks. There are a variety of clear advantages of using drones for surveying, these include the potential of covering a larger area span in a significantly shorter time frame than traditional land surveying methods. As well as efficiently covering larger areas, drones can also cover varied terrain with minimum risk to the operators.


Unlike traditional land surveying techniques, modern UAV/drone surveys can provide the following data :


Photo map of survey area

Geotagged photographs of the site

RGB Point Cloud

Digital Elevation Model







Damage to the roof areas of properties such as wind/storm, or accidental damage can often be extremely difficult

to photograph from the ground level, this kind of scenario is where A to Z Drone Services can be of significant assistance.

We can help with a wide range of drone photography services.


Many of our clients also require our aerial survey/inspection services in order to document damage repair, for

planning/insurance, or for an end of year report etc. A to Z Drone Services have the ability to use our aerial photography

equipment in a variety of conditions. With a combination of lenses we are able to get close-up images of possible

damage to an area, or a wider view for a general inspection of a particular location/area.


Using high quality compact system cameras we can capture high resolution digitals for clear live reviewing on

the ground.


The different applications for aerial surveys/inspections using our drones include:


  •   Site Surveys
  •   Flood plain analysis
  •   Forestry Survey – Wind blown damage
  •   Pre tendering surveys
  •   Stockpile analysis
  •   Volumetric studies
  •   Environmental impact studies






If you would like to discuss your project in further detail find out the advantages of using aerial surveying techniques

please contact us via telephone, or fill out our contact form.




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